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North Cyprus International Schools

International Schools in North Cyprus

The population of expats in Northern Cyprus is growing annually.  Although majority of those seeking to escape to sunnier climes are people of retirement age looking for an idyllic early retirement haven, there’s a strong tide of expatriate families and young people taking up residence on this beautiful island.  Let's say those seeking to ditch the rat race in favour of North Cyprus living.
As a direct result the demand for quality education through the medium of English has intensified and the number of schools in North Cyprus offering the British or international curriculum for students through years 1 to 16 has grown to meet this demand.

The first English language primary school to be built in Northern Cyprus was Sunny Lane, it developed from an original idea by Hayran Unwin and is now a fully fledged primary AND secondary school offering teaching through the medium of English and cleverly combining both the British and Turkish National Curricula.

Sunny Land is located west of Kyrenia in Alsancak and is located on a purpose built campus in a very peaceful location conducive of learning and where there are no external distractions to interfere with the education process.  Sunny Lane staff keep class sizes small to ensure that every pupil gets the dedicated attention they deserve and they teach all major subjects from English, Turkish and Mathematics to Science, IT, Art, Music and PE.

Children can attend Sunny Lane Creche from the age of 2 and a Half, they can then join the foundation class at age 4 before progressing to the primary school from age 5 all the way up to age 11.  At age 11 pupils move up to Sunny Lane Secondary School where the excellent teaching standards continue in the following subjects: -

English, Maths, History, Design and Technology, Sports / P.E., Art and Design, Science, Geography, IT, Music, Modern Languages, Citizenship, Personal and Social Development, Turkish, Cyprus History and Turkish Social Studies.

The school runs a free shuttle bus service which picks up children safely and ensures they are returned home to their waiting family at the end of the school day.  For more information about Sunny Lane School they now have a website where you can find complete primary and secondary school details and contact information:

GAU The American College and GAU The American Elementary School have been celebrating their 10th anniversaries this year and in response to the continuing demand for more educational facilities teaching an international curriculum the group has announced the creation this year of GAU The Preparatory School in North Cyprus.  The group have a campus just west of Kyrenia and also one in Nicosia where now children of all ages can be taught - from age 5 through to age 18 and beyond.

The GAU standard of teaching has always been very highly thought of in Northern Cyprus so everyone is excited by the creation of the Prep School and we look forward to watching the development of the school in the years to come.  The school is offering the English Independent School National Curriculum for years 1 to 8 but combining it with the IAPS and Turkish National Ministry of Education Curriculum.  The pupils’ education will thus be structured to enable them to go on to take GCSE, AS, A and Baccalaureate examinations but also to enable them to communicate and be literate in the Turkish language and to have an understanding of the education system encountered by their Cypriot and Turkish peers. 
To find out more about the range of GAU schools and colleges in North Cyprus call them on +90 392 822 3381.

Universities in North Cyprus

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