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Port Cyprium Marina, first fully serviced marina in North Cyprus

Posted on 2008-11-24 17:40:28

Port Cyprium Marina & Village is a unique mixed-use development project located at Kuchuk Erenkoy (Kucuk Erenkoy), just 30 km east of the port town of Kyrenia. In its entirety, the project concept rests on developing the existing 100,000sq. meters of land, presently covered with indigenous carob and olive orchards, into a diversified range of health, residential, hospitality and entertainment components that will cater to the international property and tourist market sectors.

Project Concept:

The design of this project is based on the rich culture and heritage of Northern Cyprus, thus magnificently creating an atmosphere where residents and visitors alike can interact with this traditional heritage. By combining the imagery of the development and the authenticity of the experience, the village with its exotic ambience, will offer the residents, their guests and visitors a place of comfort, tranquility and security unsurpassed elsewhere in North Cyprus. It will be a place where the ancient meets the present and where nature blends with the buildings, a seamless union.

Port Cyprium Marina & Village aims to deliver quality facilities of the highest standards with a clear goal of being the ?benchmark? development in northern Cyprus. A combination of comfort and adventure will offer a unique lifestyle, with quality services and amenities all designed to be unrivalled in the region. The project is intended to become the perfect and ultimate choice for discerning over seas property owners: a place to live and relax whilst enjoying the quality amenities on offer.

The main targeted markets are Europeans and local residents who are attracted by a development that offers security, solitude, sunshine and contrast.

Project Location:

Port Cyprium Marina & Village is being developed, a few km east of Esentepe and straddles the new highway from Kyrenia to the Karpas peninsular. With the main village located south of this highway: the village has clear views of both the Mediterranean, to the north and the Karpas mountain range to the south. The village has access to Port Cyprium Marina.

Site Topography

The land slopes gently from north to south, with the mountains as its backdrop. It is presently covered with a mixture of local flora, including many carob and olive trees.

Access and Traffic:

The site is located within a 20 - minute drive from Ercan international airport which is well within the international benchmark for a resort of 1 hour?s driving time. The primary access road will be the highway to Kyrenia that joins the motorway network to Nicosia and linking to the airport.

Environmental Responsibility:

The developers have identified the success potentials resulting from blending environment and its constituents within the project development and operating processes. Hence, the developers are creating a balance between man-made and nature ? this aim is being reflected in the landscape theme of introducing indigenous flora of North Cyprus within the development ? this gives the village its name and its logo ? the Cyclamen Cyprium.


Careful consideration has been given to the zoning of the different development parcels to ensure compatibility between different uses and lifestyles.

Please click on the following link to review details of a stunning development of contemporary villas in North Cyprus Kucuk Erenkoy behind port Cyprium Marina
Portville Kucuk Erenkoy Villas Overlooking Port Cyprium Marina 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms Award Winning Design

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